Speciality Classes

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Specials provide each student with the opportunity to explore other subjects that also reveal God’s truth. These special classes are thirty minutes long once a week:

Library Science:
Students are introduced to a library atmosphere. They learn the importance of listening and reading through storytelling and books.

Music Theory/Singing/Hand Chimes:
Culver City Christian School believes that music instruction is central to a well-balanced curriculum. For this reason, a full-time music teacher is provided to further enhance our curriculum through both music theory and singing classes. All students will participate in two musicals and several chapels per year.

Physical Education:
Physical Education plays a vital role in the development of skills and the building of character. Students receive instruction from our P.E. teacher with a focus on team building, good sportsmanship, and coordination.

Children are introduced to a computer lab setting and learn to use both hardware and software.