After School Program


After-school programs are optional and are offered for additional fees. The hours for after school programs are between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. A new selection of classes is available each quarter so that the children can be enhanced in different areas. Some examples of classes are:

Cooking, Computers, Sign Language, Spanish, Piano, Dance, Soccer


Karate (Preschool – Giraffes through Lions)

Mon. 2:45-3:30
Sensei Alvin of Shield Karate

Karate (Kindergarten through 5th Grade)

Mon. 3:30-4:15
Sensei Alvin of Shield Karate


Soccer (Preschool – Bears)

Wed. 2:30-3:00
Soccer Shots
Soccer (Preschool – Giraffes through Lions)

Wed. 3:45-4:15
Soccer Shots
Soccer (Kindergarten through 5th Grade)

Wed. 3:00-3:45
Soccer Shots

Ballet (Kindergarten – 5th Grade)

Fri. 3:00-3:45
Your Dance Space
Creative Movement (Preschool)

Fri. 3:45-4:30
Your Dance Space